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Hi everyone. My name is Elena and I'm 21 years old. I'm from Moscow (Russia), but in 2010 I moved to NY and it's sooo cool here!
What u should know about me? I'm totally in love with Kellan Lutz and Josh Hutcherson :) I've already met Kellan, so now it's Josh's time!

Rupert - Asshole - Sanders

You know what? I am f*cking tired of all this shit!

I DON’T believe that Kristen is able to cheat! I think that this asshole Sanders is the only one who is guilty. Kristen is very beautiful, no surprise he was obsessed with her all over the shoot. I’m sure he chased her. That day he asked her to come to that place and asked a photographer wait there too. Then he started to touch her, but she didn’t push him out. Maybe a little, he’s her director, she just tries to push him back. He knew the camera was there, I’m sure! Maybe he wanted to take vengeance. Maybe he wanted to blackmail her. Maybe he tries to make her sleep with him because of this photos. But I’m sure she refuse him! So he gave this photos to US Magazine.

That’s my opinion! I always will be on Kristen’s side! And haters can shut up!